The Benefits of Reading

Reading Tutorial

Nowadays, it is seldom to see a kid of this generation who enjoys reading books. Because of the advancement in technology, kids are often seen playing with their tablets or PCs or just simply laying in their sofas watching their favorite TV shows. But did you know that reading actually gives you something that these gadgets don’t give you?

Improves Concentration

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Reading books instead of e-books helps you improve concentration. With books, you’ll be focused on what you read which helps you to understand it fully. If you’ll be reading in your tablet or in your PC, there is a tendency that when you lose interest in what your reading, you’ll get tempted to open your favorite app. That’s why my advice is if it’s only your first time to read a book, choose a book which triggers your excitement.

Develops critical thinking skills

reading tutorial_critical thinking

Reading mystery solving series novels like The Hardy Boys will definitely make you think. Stories like this will not only make you excited but will also challenge your problem solving skills and put it to a test whenever it happens in real life.

Improves your vocabulary and your grammar

reading tutorial_grammar

Reading books from famous authors will definitely improve your vocabulary because every time that you encounter a new word, you’ll definitely look for it in a dictionary. To make sure that you won’t be unlearning those words again, my advice to you is to provide a dedicated notebook for the unfamiliar words that you have encountered. Write them in the notebook together with their meaning and then use them in sentences. Make it a habit to read every night. As for the grammar, frequent reading will help you adapt with the correct practices used by the author.

Prevents illnesses

reading tutorial_dementia

Prevention is better than cure. Yes, we all know that as of today, a cure for diseases like that you can do. You should exercise regularly, have proper sleep, maintain a social life, and manage stress—these all lead to brain stimulation. One of the best ways to stimulate the brain is playing mind games or reading.

I’m not really a fan of reading books. Usually when I read books I only read the first one-fourth of its pages. That’s why I sought the help of one of my friend and asked: “What does it take to finish a book?” His answer was short and simple, “commitment”. Reading a book might make you feel lazy at first but by choosing a book that triggers your imagination and critical thinking abilities, you’ll definitely enjoy its benefits to you.

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